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  • Care for the Course

    Every semester, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy students give back to their home golf training facility by spending a day working on the golf course! This October, all Full-Time Program Students spent their Sunday caring for the Las Colinas golf course. Students spent the day filling divots on the fairway with sand mixture and repairing ball

  • “Golf is a game of mechanics and complete self-awareness.”  Trevor Hypolite, Director of Fitness at GGGA develops specific corrective exercise programs that focus on the athlete’s ‘core strength’.  Strength, power, mobility, flexibility, balance, and endurance … they are all traits that every golfer must possess to meet their goals. GGGA’s fitness programs are designed to

  • Oh my! What a May it has been!     In a coaching career that spans more than 20 years, Gary Gilchrist has been responsible for recruiting, training and developing more top-ranked junior-level golfers than any other coach in the world.  His system of training applies to juniors and professionals alike.   Knowing that everyone

  • Central Florida Golf Tournaments

    At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy located at Mission Inn Resort in Central Florida, students come from all over the world to learn their golf training system and to “Train Like a Champion.” Every junior golfer is unique in their personality styles, golf swings and tournament goals.  The GGGA training system provides individual goals and