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Real Escapes
iT’s a fesTive friday nighT aT el nuevo Mundo, one of six banquet rooms at Mission Inn. Nearly 200 people are enjoying copious amounts of food, drinks and elbow room as they roam and mingle. They’ve traveled to Howey- in-the-Hills from all major points of Florida (the Panhandle, Key West, Jacksonville, and Tampa) and from outposts small enough to be mysteries (Fort Lonesome and Whispering Pines).
Adding another thick layer of interest are vendors showcasing their jaw-dropping trade-show displays from the most majestic sitesinMontana,Colorado,andCanada.
Everyone has convened at Mission Inn for a trade show and meeting you wouldn’t expect in the Sunshine State: the Florida Ski Council (FSC), as in snow-ski council. The FSC is the second largest snow-ski council in the U.S., and since 2002 Mission Inn is where they’ve chosen to meet for their most important annual event. For all the pressure on FSC President Linda Walker, she might be the most content person in the room.
With all your responsibilities, how can you be so relaxed? “Because everything is taken
“This is where everyone in
our association
wants to come.”
— Fsc PresidenT Linda waLker

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