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“Players from all over the world come to train here because the courses have features thatyoudon’ttypicallyfindinFlorida.Playhereandyou’rereadyforanything.”
— Brian Mulry, Junior Golf Instructor
Programs hosted at Mission Inn’s 26 different meeting venues every year.
Two of the strongest reminders that Mission Inn is a special place: The Foshan Group travels nearly 9,000 miles from Macao, China, and Sport Event Management Agentur comes more than 5,000 miles from Austria for their group events. Orlando is merely
a pit stop before the 35-minute drive into the Florida highlands.
Group return rate, year over year. Dozens of groups have been returning annually since the year 2000.
Within a walk or short ride
from the meeting spaces are a trap-and-skeet range, volleyball courts, tennis courts and some of Central Florida's best boating and fishing on Lake Harris.
Numerically Speaking
The 1,100-acre property is family owned, which sets an at-home tone (from top to bot- tom): in the four restaurants, in the trade-show spaces, and in the well-ap- pointed guest rooms that have undergone signif- icant upgrades.
care of. The staff here makes it easy on me.”
Why do you say everyone in your associa- tion wants to be here? “We’re outdoor peo- ple. At Mission Inn we have meeting spaces within walking distance of trap-and-skeet, fishing, nature trails and world-class golf. Those are rare luxuries at a trade show. ” How did you first find Mission Inn? “Hon- estly, we didn’t know what to expect that first year. What we found was a throwback towhatIcall‘therealFlorida,’butwithmod- ern amenities. Our members have looked forward to this weekend ever since.”
You could go to any resort in Florida, couldn’t you? “Absolutely. But this is cen- trally located and everything we need is right here on property. We can be productive and have a great time — we like that.”
If you only had five words to sum it up.
“Charming. Relaxing. Fun. Distraction-free.”
Is that what makes the ideal meeting and trade show? “Well, we first came to Mission Inn for a meeting and trade-show. But it’s become more than that for us. We travel to amazing places, but our weekend at Mission Inn is truly special.”
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