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“We use our client event at Mission Inn for corporate team- building purposes. It's the most anticipated annual event for our industry in Central Florida.”
— Ervin BEckman, PrEsidEnt, You da man GrouP
NO ONE KNOWS IT BETTER → As return customers go, Steve Matchett is at the top of the list. It was 41 years go when Matchett saw an affordable play-and-stay package advertised in a golf magazine. A few weeks later he was driving from Jacksonville to Mission Inn, a place he’d never heard of. → “It was a shot in the dark, really,” he says.
“I mean, what do you expect for a value-priced weekend? So I was surprised to be eating roasted duck and filet and to be playing some of the best golf holes in the state.” → A year later Matchett came back with a foursome. Then there were eight players and 16 and as many as 100 for what has been dubbed “The Howey Classic.” → “We have a range of guys, from retirees to 40-hour workweek types. They all like the intimacy here, and the kind of value that drew me here more than 40 years ago.”

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