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And building teams up.
there’s somethIng about the woods that brings out the best stories — and worst fears in people. It happens just through the trees near Mission Inn’s Marina del Rey. At a trailhead you encounter a sign saying,
“You are standing on the edge of unlimited possibility!” Follow the trail to seven adventure stations, some as high as the trees. Team-builder Michael Simmonds is waiting. → My training in corporate development started with PowerPoints. Honestly, it got boring fast. I knew there was a better way to inspire teams, physically and mentally.
→ I’ve seen amazing things on this course. We had the owner of a company here with his staff. He looked down from the zip-line and shouted, “Wow, we have great people. I appre- ciate you.” His perspective changed. You think the staff didn’t leave here motivated?
→ Another guy came on his corporate jet. No one on his team knew he was afraid of heights. Turns out, he’d fallen off a ladder as a child. He managed to go to the top of the climb- ing wall. He said later that moment changed his relationships in ways we can’t imagine.
→ Climbing. Balancing. Reaching. That’s what we do out here. It’s like mining and pan- ning for treasures that you don’t know exist. Better relationships, clear minds, and ulti- mately greasing the paths to success.
“I’ve led outdoor teambuilding events in California, Shang Hai, Fort Wayne, all over.
There’s no better place than this.”
Day 1 Arrive early to play on two award- winning golf courses • Reception and barbecue at Lakeside Pavilion (main photo, opposite page).
Day 2 Buffet break- fast at La Hacienda
• Meetings and breakouts • Lunch selected specifically for afternoon activity (golf, trap and skeet shooting, fishing, spa) • Reception and dinner in Spanish-inspired
La Fontana Courtyard (with entertainment and fireworks).
Day 3 Plated breakfast with motivational speaker • Team- building program on adventure course
• Enjoy1,100-acre property • Awards dinner • Billiards room and fire pit under the stars.
Studies prove that open spaces encourage people to think more creatively and interact more clearly.

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