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1 Dinner at El Conquistador is high- end cuisine and never “one size fits all.”
2 The pineapple tree at La Hacienda livens up the mood at breakfast.
3 The chefs thrive on creativity. “Every dish has evidence of our training on it.”
4 Open wide the eyes and palate: The Saturday evening seafood
buffet at Nicker’s.
5 Think this looks good? You should see the view outside La Margarita.
Laugh out loud. Wear your shorts. This is how we do group dining.
seafood buffets are nothIng new to the alumni group from south Florida. So they enter Nicker’s Clubhouse, expecting the familiar. This is not what they expected.
“Wow,” says one of the women in the group. Crab legs. Sushi. Salmon. But this is more than seafood. It’s prime rib, endless salads, and food all neat and sculpted, poised for an all-you-can-eat Saturday evening.
Digdeeperandyoudiscoverhighly-trained chefs at Mission Inn’s four on-site restaurants.
They’re from New England, Asia, Louisiana, and the Caribbean. Nationally-certified chef Michelle Norvé could work any kitchen in the world, but she chooses to be here. “The combination of environment, high-end food, and fun ambience ... you don’t find that in many places. And I love making 400 people say ‘wow!’”
Environment → Dine in beautiful courtyards, at lakeside, or under formal chandeliers with big views outside. The scenes all around the property are as memorable as the food. High-End Food → The resumes of the chefs on site include impressive entries — Le Cordon BleuandFairmont.Mostly,theybringpassion and Grandma’s special touches to the table. Fun Ambience → The food is sophisticated, even artful, yet it’s presented in a leisurely atmosphere — even when the chefs are serving hundreds of hungry guests.
104 Times during the year to enjoy the Saturday prime rib and seafood buffet and the Sunday champagne brunch.

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