Fitness & Activities

Custom assessments and personalized programs for your sport.


Fitness For Your Feet
Keeping your feet healthy and pain free is a step toward foot fitness and good balance. Our personal trainer will guide you in using our Balance Pod foot therapy device and discuss the importance of alignment and foot strength.
60 mins $100
Tennis Fit
Get an expert assessment of your fitness when it comes to strength flexibility, balance, core stability and endurance. A personalized program will be developed to improve your overall fitness, with an emphasis on balance, stability mobility and flexibility in particular by developing strength in the lower body and core.
60 mins $100
Golf Fit
Your strength, power, flexibility, balance and endurance will be assessed during the initial session. This assessment will assist in the development of a personalized regimen to improve your shoulder and hip flexibility, mobility, stability. In addition, improve the thoracic spine mobility and wrist flexibility.
60 mins $100
*All services are available as packages.